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Most Popular Articles

 How to partition, format, and mount your block storage

Here are the steps to quick format and permanently mount an additional hard drive in Linux...

 What ISO's or Operating Systems are available to install on my VPS?

Images currently available (11/11/2022 update): -AlmaLinux--8 Minimal--9 Latest -CentOS--7...

  What are Crunchbits' policies around bandwidth and overages on my VPS?

If your VPS goes over its allocated bandwidth, the server will be automatically throttled to...

 Does Crunchbits support IPv6?

Yes. All VPS's natively come with a /64. If you need an IPv6 allocation for your dedicated...

 Does Crunchbits support Windows ISOs on their VPS plans?

Yes, Crunchbits allows customers to install Windows on their VPS (as long as it is 2GB RAM or...

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