Windows ISOs Re-Enabled and Improved

Windows ISOs have been re-enabled and optimized for deployment on all instances that support them (>2 cores and >2GB ram only).

30th Dec 2022
Windows ISOs Disabled

We are currently troubleshooting a performance issue specific to certain Windows ISO installations. For the moment, Windows ISO's have been disabled. If you have already installed Windows and it is working fine then you are unaffected and no need to worry. We will add a new update as soon as this issue is sorted out.

26th Dec 2022
New Website & Billing Panel Live!

Our new website, billing panel, dedicated server control platform and VPS panel are all live and functioning now. There have been a few mail/support ticket piping issues during the transition and some may have been lost. All requests, orders, tickets, etc should be done through this website ( as the old client portal is ... Read More »

17th Dec 2022

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