We will be migrating all Ryzen and High Frequency EPYC customers to new, faster, and bigger nodes.

What is changing:

  • Double the RAM for both Ryzen and High Frequency VPSes
  • HDD Block Storage included for Ryzen VPSes
  • Monthly recurring prices for both base plans will not change despite the additional resources.

When is it changing:

  • Starting on Wednesday, January 18th at 10:00AM PST
  • We encourage everyone to use their free backup slot ahead of time to be extra safe.

What else?

  • Depending on your workload, it is possible that your VM will need to be restarted after it has been migrated.
  • Depending on your node change and workload, you may be prompted about "Remote Host Identification Has Changed". If you need help with this, please open a technical support ticket.
  • This process should be completely seamless and unnoticed for 99% of users, but if something does come up please open a high-priority support ticket.

Monday, January 16, 2023

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