Feb 3rd [OUTAGE ALERT] Incident Postmortem

Incident Report Description: Transit outage on Primary and Secondary up-streams at approximately 22:42:33 (UTC+00:00) until 22:44:32 (UTC+00:00) 2/03/2023 Root Cause: One of the line cards in our core routing platform started to act up which triggered an automatic restart of the MX line cards to bring them all back on-line and in ... Read More »

Jan 16th Ryzen and High Frequency Migrations!

We will be migrating all Ryzen and High Frequency EPYC customers to new, faster, and bigger nodes. What is changing: Double the RAM for both Ryzen and High Frequency VPSes HDD Block Storage included for Ryzen VPSes Monthly recurring prices for both base plans will not change despite the additional resources. When is it ... Read More »